Sod Types

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Types of Sod Types in Nashville

By Dalton Quigley
Although there are 3 types of sod that is planted in Nashville TN only two are available all times of year. Zoysia Grass is not available most of the year. Typically you will need to order early and be on a list until it becomes available. This may happen in early May or late April depending on the weather and the winter we just had. It will run out around July or August depending on demand.

There are Three types of sod in Nashville

* Fescue – The most popular for it’s evergreen habit and lush look. Deep rich green colored. ( Requires the most water )
* Bermuda – Full sun only, great for wear and tear, turns tan in winter. Medium green colored. ( Very Drought Tolerant )
* Zoysia – Tolerates some shade, Drought resistant, turns tan in winter, Lime Colored. ( Very Drought Tolerant )

Fescue and Bermuda are available on pallets of 500 sq ft. Zoysia is comes 450sq ft to a pallet.

Sod Types that turn Tan in winter ( Bermuda and Zoysia )

Types of Sod in Nashville Bermuda and Zoysia in winter winter-bermuda-sod

Sod Types that are Green in winter – Close up look at Fescue

Fescue Grass close up

Sod Type Decision Making

Benefit of Fescue sod type

When it comes time to make the decision of which sod to purchase for some this will be easy simply because they will not settle for anything other than an evergreen yard. If you choose Fescue because it is evergreen the main consideration is that this sod type requires plenty of water to survive the summer drought that happens every July / August time frame. We recommend an irrigation system to have the best possible outcome.

Benefit of Bermuda / Zoysia sod types

For others a choice of Bermuda or Zoysia may be in order because of how dry and hot their property gets, or because of wear and tear like how much the dogs run over a space or playing sports on a yard.
Bermuda and Zoysia have the added benefit of being thick and dense growing grasses in the harshest conditions, in fact they thrive in berm conditions. Berm conditions occur when an area of soil is raised and mounded, berms dry out faster than any other area and therefore would not be appropriate for Fescue.

Special Benefit of Zoysia Sod Type

Zoysia spreads at about 12 inches per year, has a slightly lighter color than Bermuda and is very light colored compared to Fescue. Zoysia can be mowed verys short and will never need to be seeded.

Special Benefit of Bermuda Sod Type

Bermuda can spread up to 12 feet in a year which makes it an aggressive grower. Bermuda can take some of the harshest drought conditions a lawn area can have. Golf courses love Bermuda Grass because it can be mowed very short and can stand up to people walking on it all day while they play a round of golf.

Special Benefit of Fescue

Fescue Grass is lush and rich looking when grown properly. This look comes from the plant being allowed to grow to a tall 4″. You will love the soft cool feel of Fescue under your feet just don’t make Fescue the grass you choose for a high foot traffic area because you will crush it. When Fescue is grown to the proper height, seeded and aerated when appropriate and fertilized properly the look is striking and amazing. When you want to impress people and don’t mind the extra effort then go with Fescue grass for an amazing deep green look.

Freshly installed Fescue Lawn – Fescue Sod Type

Fescue Sod Type for Nashville clip_image008_0001

What not to do to your sod

* Once you pick a sod and lay it do not under water it. Make sure your new sod is watered deeply especially during the growing season. Not watering enough or not watering at all can kill your new grass. Do not mow it for 30 days – give your new sod time to get rooted in before putting a machine that will lift and chop it.
* Do not pick a sod that requires all day sun and put it under shady trees expecting it to live because it will not.

Sod Types for the South that we cannot grow here in the Nashville Middle Tennessee area

We cannot grow Centepede or St.Augustine grasses due to the severity of cold weather that happens every year. If a person were to take a bunch of those types of grasses and plant them here during the growing season they would flourish. Once winter arrived here the Centepede and St.Augusting would freeze to the core and die leaving you with no lawn. Even if you find a way to order those types of sod online to your home do not order them unless you don’t mind experimenting and have the money to replace your entire lawn in a few months. This has been tried many times and the local Agricultural centers will warn you not to try it.